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Henderson Towing & Transportation

24 Hour Towing


We do not care in what position you may find yourself. Be it stuck in a ditch or on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Or maybe you urgently need some freight moved and need a reliable safe way to do it. Here at Henderson Towing And Transportation, we have the perfect solution to attend to any requirement you may have. So let us start the journey today. Have a look at our beautiful and informative website and you will quickly begin to see why what sets us apart from the rest.

About Us

Changing the way people perceive the tow trucking industry is our number one goal. We no longer want it to be associated with underhanded tactics and shady characters. We want to show you that like us, many good people are trying to make a living. This is why we always try to go above and beyond what any normal client would expect. We want to show you that when you put your faith in real professionals, you simply can not go wrong. All you have to do to experience this magic for yourself is give us a call now.

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Our Services

We are confident when we say that one of the reasons we believe we have been so successful is the fact that we have managed to provide our clients with such a wide range of towing and transportation solutions. Above and beyond that, we are also able to provide these at a consistent level of quality, so that you can rest assures knowing that you are getting the best of the best at all times. We know once you get just a taste of what we have to offer, you will keep coming back for more and more.

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24 Hour Towing Service

This service is all about ensuring that you can make use of a number of our services no matter the time of day. Our emergency call-out teams will always make sure that you are looked after at feel as safe and secure as humanly possible. So rather than need it and not have it next time, we would suggest you save our contact information immediately. We guarantee it will come in handy sooner rather than later.

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Roadside Assistance

Got a flat tire? Or maybe you ran out of gas? Perhaps your car just won't start again. To make sure you are able to handle all these situations and more, we would like to introduce you to our all-inclusive roadside assistance solutions. It covers all those little issues both for insured and uninsured road users. We promise that we will do our absolute best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Full Wrecker Service

Now when we told you that we would take the holistic approach to tow you can see we were not lying when you consider our full wrecker solutions. No matter what the job is, if we feel one of our wrecker services will be best suited to your needs, you can consider it at good as done. Just give us a shout, and put us to the test today. We promise you will not be disappointed with the results.

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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

Step aside, the big boys are in town and we do not want anyone to get hurt. And when we say big boys, we are talking anything from 2O to 1OO tons. No matter the shape or dimensions of the load being saved or transported, we promise that our heavy-duty or rotator cranes will be, more than a match for anything you can throw at us. Think you are up to the challenge, then call us today.

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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

There have never been two solutions that are more suited to work hand in hand than our winching and rollback solutions. We can winch you out of any situation, and if your vehicle is unable to move under its power, or cant be towed normally, we will use our rollback, or flatbed trucks to get the job done. It is that easy to get you out of a tough situation.

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Tow Truck Service

There is no use trying to offer the wide range of services we do if we are not able to back it up with world-class equipment. It allows us to operate at a level that few of our competitors can match. Thus ensuring that when you choose us, you know that you will be getting nothing but the absolute best, and real value for your money.

“It was one of the scariest experiences in my life. Imagine being stuck next to the road late at night on a stormy evening. I was alone and it was pitch dark. I quickly searched Google, and my guardian angels from Henderson Towing And Transportation rescued me in no time. I will never forget you guys. ” – T.Holmes

“From time to time, my usual hauler would let me down. I got tired of losing money and decided to what was out there. I am proud to say that 2 years later, the experts at Henderson Towing And Transportation have not let me down yet. What a bunch of professionals. ” – J. Stevens

“My wife still blames me, but she was the one who was supposed to fill up with gas. Long story short, the entire family was stuck next to the road. Fortunately, a member of your team was driving by, and in no time we were back on our way. Good sanitarians and consummate professionals. What a combination!” – G.Williams

Call Us Today

Now if you have come this far, then why not take it a little further. Why not give us a call and find out a little bit more about what we can offer. We especially encourage this when one is considering our transport solutions. If you ever need a tow or find yourself in a messy situation, rest assured all you have to do is call on us and we will make sure we do our best to make an already stressful situation less so. All you have to do is put your faith in us. Our experts will make sure you do not regret it.