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Full Wrecker Service

It is time to ensure that we can look after those clients who may need a bit of extra muscle when it comes to their needs. This is where our full wrecker service comes into its own. We do however find that many of our clients get this solution confused with our towing solutions. Think of it like this, all wreckers can be tow trucks, but a tow truck cant be a wrecker. To gain an even better understanding, please have a look below or simply give our friendly experts a call today to find out more.

Types Of Vehicles

Our full wrecker service offers precisely that. A solution to tackle almost any job that you need to be done. Our wrecker trucks are able to get the job done with ease and precision. They are adaptable and tough enough to handle these loads over any distance. We had them custom-designed so you can rest assured that we spared no expense and that you will be receiving nothing but the best. These beasts are something to behold. Now we hope you don't have to call on us too soon, but when you do, be prepared to be blown away.


We are sure that this is not something you expected to see on a towing site, but have you ever wondered how boats get from one place to the next when they can't use the water? This is where our full wrecker service once again comes into its own. Here at Henderson Towing And Transportation, we can handle any type of sea craft you are able to throw at us. No matter the shape or size. We have your back. So the next time you need your precious asset moved from point A to B, we will be ready and waiting.


One has to consider the cost implications of such a move. Since our wreckers usually handle larger vehicles, one would expect the price to shoot up in line with the solution being offered. This is however not the case when you make use of our high-quality wrecker solutions. We have designed a costing solution that takes into account all the variables to ensure we can provide you with real value for your money. Just give us a call and put us to the test the next time you need a wrecker solution.

Accreditation Is Key

When it comes to those of you who will be making use of our services and your insurance company will be picking up the tab, it is important to know that we are fully accredited and licensed. This is an important aspect to note as many people claim to be, and when push comes to shove, your insurance company has a problem paying out. You are more than welcome to view our accreditation via our website at any time. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you are dealing with the professionals.

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