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Tow Truck Service

We feel we have covered almost everything when it comes to showing you what we are able to offer. The only thing we have left out is the type of trucks we have in our arsenal. We are sure you are familiar with the saying " one is only as good as their equipment". Well in the world of towing, this statement rings true. Luckily we have the best of the best to ensure that when you call upon us, we can deliver every time. So take a second and have a look below to find out more.

Hook And Chain

This is probably the technique we are all most used to seeing in our younger days. It was the idea of using a hook and chain to get the job done. Unfortunately, this would cause more damage. We are proud to announce however that the hook has been replaced by a tow bar, and the chain by rubber mats and belt lifts. This all works together to give the same effect, but with way less residual damage. It also remains one of the quickest ways of towing any small or light vehicle, and we have the best-looking trucks to get the job done.

Flatbed Trucks

These fantastic towing solutions are the most commonly requested. They offer so many advantages, and when it comes to comparing cost and value, few even compare. To ensure we were able to meet all our client's needs. We are proud to say that we have a range of flatbed trucks that can handle enormous loads with ease and efficiency. No matter what the situation is, be it transport, or recovery, our flatbeds will more than rising to the occasion. They even have the bonus of winching services. This makes them a gold medal winner.

Heavy Duty

Besides our rotator cranes, our heavy-duty solutions are the biggest monsters we have in our trucking arsenal. Their use however is twofold. They can be used to transport equipment and materials safely and cost-effectively or to help you out in emergency situations. These are basically trucks built for towing. So get out the way and allow us to show you what our behemoths are able to do. We guarantee you will be in total shock and awe once you fully understand what we are talking about. All you have to do is give us a call and our experts will be more than happy to help.

In Closing

We really hope the above has shown you what we are capable of. We would however just like to clarify that these are just some of the vehicles we are able to deploy to get the job done. Now that we have given you a taste of what to expect, we are sure you are dying for more, and we promise you will not be disappointed. So keep us in mind the next time you need some he3avy lifting done, or find yourself stuck between a rock and a roadway. We promise you will be happy you did.

Loading broken car on a tow truck on a roadside
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